High-resolution digital inkjet printing

Printing and binding in one integrated process

The best solution for short and medium print runs

We only make books

Rodona is dedicated exclusively to the printing and binding of books in an integrated process.

The evolution of the publishing market, with the publication on paper of an increasing number of titles, with shorter runs and which coexist alongside other media, has led to the establishment of the high-resolution inkjet printing technology used by Rodona as the ideal solution to respond to the needs of the publishing sector.

Inkjet Web press

Printing and binding in one integrated process

We have two inkjet web printers for printing the interior pages. One HP Advantage 2200 and one HP T-370 HD Inkjet Digital Web Press, both made by Hewlett Packard and both equipped with high-resolution thermal print heads and with brilliant inks, permitting printing on standard paper types.

Our company


We are a green company

Environmental Commitment


The production system in place at RODONA uses water-based inks, which are the most environmentally friendly option given that the only emission is water in the course of the drying process.

The substrate is fully eco-friendly, as we use paper that is either recycled or sourced from sustainably managed forests.