Quality and Environmental responsibility policies

RODONA Industria Gráfica is a company engaged in the printing of on-demand books using innovative systems based on inkjet printing on paper.

With cutting-edge facilities, RODONA stands out as a pioneering company in the use of new printing technologies, basing its production system on a philosophy of adaptation, upgrading and continuous improvement. Based on the principle of sufficient quality, our aim is to offer customers a product that meets all their needs and requirements.

This production system offers significant advantages in relation to other technologies, given that the processes are meticulously calculated and the level of automation is extremely high. This allows us to very accurately adjust production to market demands and to print just the right quantity at an extremely affordable price, avoiding unnecessary storage and destruction due to obsolescence and also leading to savings in the chemical processes and in raw materials and waste.

We constantly work together with our suppliers to find the best solutions to our customers’ demands. We are committed to seeking printing and binding systems that are increasingly more advanced, rapid and efficient. This determination to achieve continuous improvement has permitted us to position ourselves at the forefront of the digital printing market.

The production system in place at RODONA uses water-based inks, which are the most environmentally friendly option given that the only emission is water in the course of the drying process.

The substrate is fully eco-friendly, as we use paper that is either recycled or sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The company has opted for eco-friendly products since 2010, strengthening its commitment to protect and respect the environment and to introduce the necessary improvements directed at minimising the environmental impact of its production systems.

All activities at RODONA are always performed in compliance with the applicable legal requirements.

Based on a commitment to prevent pollution, RODONA’s environmental objectives go beyond the use of non-polluting materials, given that the company considers its book manufacturing process as an active contribution to the care of natural resources.

This is the philosophy that we are striving to convey to, and instil in our customers, to allow them to be aware of our company’s concern for the environment, a concern that goes beyond a reduction in costs, lead times or minimum runs.

RODONA holds the FSC®, IOS 9001 and 14001 certificates.

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